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Disney World Ride Height Restrictions

Disney Height Restrictions

For the most part, kids of all ages can enjoy all of the rides at Walt Disney World. However, whether due to thrills or chills, some rides have height restrictions. It is good to know in advance which rides your little ones will not be able to ride, so you can plan around them.

WDW101 Insight – Admit it, you really want to ride all those big kid rides, even with the little ones in tow. Consider the child swap option. This allows one adult to ride the ride with the big kids, and then the other adult to go to the front of the line with the same kids, while you swap places watching the little ones.

Animal Kingdom Park

  • Dinosaur – 40″ – The most intense ride at WDW, you should consider how your child will react even if they are tall enough
  • Expedition Everest – 44″ – Roller coaster, not too intense, no loops
  • Kali River Rapids – 38″ – Water ride, fun for all if you like getting wet
  • Primeval Whirl – 48″ – Mini-roller coaster with spinning cars. Kids love it, parents get sick


  • Maelstrom (Norway) – No height restrictions, but kids must be 3 or older to ride
  • Mission:Space – 44″ – If you are prone to motion sickness, consider the green side, it doesn’t spin
  • Soarin’ – 40″ – Simulates hang gliding, “vehicles” get high off the ground
  • Test Track – 40″ – Simulates car testing conditions, high speeds

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Rock N Roller Coaster – 48″ – High speed roller coaster, loops, corkscrews and tons of fun!
  • Star Tours – 40″ – Causes motion sickness for some
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – 40″ – Quick, unexpected drops, a bit spooky at times

Magic Kingdom

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – 40″ – Mild roller coaster, great for kids who want to ride roller coasters
  • Goofy’s Barnstormer – 35″ – Roller Coaster built for little kids
  • Space Mountain – 44″ – Dark roller coaster, no loops
  • Splash Mountain – 40″ – One big drop, the rest is classic Disney fun
  • Stitch’s Great Escape – 40″ – Intense, dark ride. Scary for some little kids
  • Tomorrowland Speedway – 32″/54″ – You must be 32″ to ride, and you must be 54″ to drive

Blizzard Beach Water Park

  • Chair Lift – 32″
  • Downhill Double Dipper – 48″
  • Slusher Gusher – 48″
  • Summit Plummet – 48″
  • Tike’s Peak – must be under 48″ to enter

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

  • Crush ‘N’ Gusher – 48″
  • Bay Slide – Must be under 60″ to ride
  • Humunga Kowabunga – 48″
  • Ketchakiddee Creek – Must be under 48″ to enter
  • Shark Reef – Kids 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult

If you have any concerns about a ride, ask any of the cast members around the ride, they will be happy to help you. If your child is scared of a ride, consider finding a milder alternative, and see how he does. He may be scared to death looking at Expedition Everest, and may love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, enough that he realizes Expedition Everest is about the same ride, just a little faster.

Cast members will measure your child for each ride, so if they are close the limit, they may make it on some rides but not others, depending on the cast member.

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